Chocolats Camille Bloch SA

Sustainability is our priority

We ensure steadfast commitment to sustainable production throughout the entire value chain process. This begins with our cocoa beans, primarily sourced from Ghana and Peru, and extends to our other raw materials in addition to the production process, stopping only after delivery of our chocolate specialties. Chocolats Camille Bloch prioritizes complete traceability of all our raw materials.

Sustainable cocoa cultivation in Ghana and traceability

In Ghana, we work with Sustainable Management Services to closely accompany the cocoa farmers throughout the year. Their field officers provide continual support in the care and cultivation of local cocoa plantations. This includes but is not limited to guidance in the growing of seedlings, cocoa tree renewal, efficient working methods, fertilization, and proper pruning. Our Sustainable Management Services field officers have also recently begun to assist farmers in adopting other sources of income while fostering within village communities standards on safety and child labor and human welfare. That is why we value traceability back to where our cocoa was harvested.

SMS Field officers regularly visit the farmers. They accompany them to the plantations and offer them advice.

The cocoa pods grow directly on the trunks. They turn yellow or red when they are ripe.

The Field officers show how to pollinate by hand. This method leads to a higher yield. The hand pollinated trees are marked with a red ribbon.

As soon as the cocoa pods are harvested, the farmers break them open and the mucilage including the cocoa beans  is put on banana leaves to ferment.

The cocoa beans are then sundried on big tables in the villages.

Our commitment to our cocoa farmers

We know which village communities harvested the cocoa that comes to our manufacturing site, before it is roasted, processed, and made into our famously delicious chocolate specialties. By tracing our cocoa beans to the source, we can thus ensure our supplied cocoa is ethically sourced.

Chocolats Camille Bloch employees regularly visit the village communities in Ghana to strengthen the bonds we hold with the farmers as well as the Sustainable Management Services representatives.

The cocoa price is fixed by the Ghanaian government. Chocolats Camille Bloch pays a premium to ensure traceability and programs supporting the cocoa farmers. We also compensate each farmer with a premium per ton delivered.

Our commitment along the value chain

We are committed to a sustainable production along the entire value chain. Our only manufacturing facility in Courtelary, Switzerland has implemented an energy-efficient and sustainable production concept. Some of the most significant elements include:

  • having our heating system connected to the local wood chip heating facility;
  • purchasing certified hydroelectric power;
  • contributing to approximately 10% of our own electricity needs, thanks to our solar panels;
  • assessing new machinery and equipment to always ensure energy efficiency;
  • providing electric vehicle charging stations for visitors and employees;
  • prioritizing minimal and recyclable packaging material while ensuring it meets food hygiene and safety standards.