Products and brands

Ragusa and Torino have been known and loved in Switzerland for generations. It is our desire to preserve and further enhance the delicious experience for future generations. Specialities such as Liqueur chocolates round off our exquisite range of products.

RAGUSA, a real Swiss character

The rectangular bar with the fine praline filling, whole hazelnuts and an unmistakable taste.

Torino, exquisitely tender praline

The unmistakable praline speciality by Camille Bloch with its melt-in-the-mouth gianduia filling and smooth coating.

Continuous development over the decades

A brand must continually reinvent itself to stay up to date. Innovation is writ large at Camille Bloch, whether in product development or brand communication.


Liqueur chocolate assortment

The Liqueur chocolate by Camille Bloch is a particular speciality. All the different variations feature outstanding balance, stability and fruitiness. The process for manufacturing without a sugar crust was invented by Chocolats Camille Bloch over 60 years ago.


Fine Swiss milk chocolate with liquid Cognac centre, without sugar crust.

Cognac Noir

Swiss dark chocolate with liquid Cognac centre, without sugar crust.


Fine Swiss milk chocolate with liquid Kirsch centre. Available with or without a sugar crust.


Fine Swiss milk chocolate with liquid Cointreau centre, without sugar crust.


Fine Swiss milk chocolate with liquid Williams centre and sugar crust.


Dark Swiss milk chocolate with liquid Grappa centre, without sugar crust.

Here’s how our chocolate is made

We employ traditional recipes and modern technology to create our distinctive specialities.


our Markets

Ragusa and Torino have been popular cult products in Switzerland for generations. In fact, Ragusa is one of the most popular of all brands in Switzerland with over 90% awareness. Our products are available almost everywhere in the country. But Camille Bloch specialities are also appreciated by chocolate lovers in other countries. In the main European markets in particular, our products are increasingly growing in recognition, a development we promote through appearances at gourmet fairs and tastings in retail outlets. You only have to try our specialities to be instantly convinced by the taste and quality.

Owing to the sensitivity of our chocolate specialities and the high cost of transport and customs, we regret that direct deliveries from Switzerland are not possible. Apart from Germany and France, Chocolats Camille Bloch SA does not directly market its chocolate specialities abroad, relying instead on a network of partners.